Droids. Zombies. Aliens. Mutant animals. Swords. Spaceships. Welcome to the year 3571.




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Role playing game

3571 The Game is a role playing game in which you can create an organic avatar in the year 3571. You’ll be able to control its movements and experience safely what it’s like to time travel : explore, make friends, work, fight, upgrade your skills and die.

+ Roguelike

Like in roguelike games, if your avatar dies, your game is lost for ever. If you want to play again, you’ll need to create a brand new avatar in the year 3571. Be careful: you’ll be sent in a very different version of the Earth to avoid spacetime paradoxes.

+ First-person shooter

Thanks to a third-person camera drone, you can see your avatar’s body while playing. At any time you can also activate an internal camera, and see exactly what your avatar sees. If you find a gun, the gameplay will feel like a first-person shooter.

+ Survival

As you will experience hunger and thirst you’ll need to collect food and water to survive, like in most survival games. Hunt, fish, find fruits or even steal: do whatever it takes to keep your avatar alive.

+ Open-World Sandbox

3571 The Game is also a sandbox simulation. You can also gather resources like wood or stone to build weapons, armors and even buildings. The game have no other goal except surviving, so you are free to explore the world like you want and set your own goals.

+ Single artist original art project

3571 The Game is part of a bigger project, the 3571 Project. Films, music soundtrack, comics and this videogame are created by a single artist about the same original narrative and graphical universe since 2012.


3571 The Game v0.60 early access release : 01.01.2018




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